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In the students' own words:

In the parents' own words:

School Administrative Director

"The spirit is not only in financial support, which is lovely, but the spirit of this program is in partnership with a school and a business person." Ellen Krammer

Town Councilwoman

"For those who succeed in completing the program, they will have learned the value of delayed gratification - a concept out of vogue in today's world. They will have an impressive resume that will open many doors to them in applying to colleges and later, applying for a job. Even those students who do not complete the program will benefit in some way, for a failed effort is often the Achilles heel to success." Mary McCaffery

Local Businessman

"Very, very impressive! I am glad that someone found a way to be charitable without going through an organization that used 75% to 90% of a donation for overhead." Vincent Polimeni

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